Life life on PURPOSE!


Founder and Editor

Una-Melina, founder & editor of Intentional Living


An advocate for simplicity, minimalism and intentional living, Una-Melina loves to encourage and inspire others toward their creativity and calling; sharing what she learns through the lens of God’s grace and goodness as she intentionally leans into living this analog lifestyle she calls Intentionalism. It’s more than minimalism, it’s purpose-driven decisions and real authentic relationships, it’s living loved and learning to let go, it’s the careful choice to rest in God’s best, grow in grace, make a positive difference and leave a legacy of love.

Writer and wife, mother and minister, designer and daydream developer; she is here to help you discover your design, envision your values, live loved and make a difference.

Una lives with intention, passion and purpose.  She can help you do the same.



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